Tears of A Broken Heart


Pain; it rips at my heart and tears at my soul,

I’ve lost the only thing I need to be whole.

Lost- drowning in a sea of despair,

It’s like an out of body experience taking me far from here.

Illusions are all I see,

My mind takes me to when you were here with me.

My body’s tight, compressed – I struggle to breathe,

Tortured, twisted and struggling to find reality.

Dizzy, blind reaching for the light,

Clinging fiercely to the hope inside my heart.

Fighting the demons of the darkness of my pain,

To soar high in the sunlight: new hopes and dreams reborn again.


2 thoughts on “Tears of A Broken Heart

    1. I am touched by the fact that my poem somehow inspired you to write your own.. or perhaps is merely similar to your own. Thanks for exposing my work to others through the linking.. Best wishes with your future writings!

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